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since 1890

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The Pitt Men's Glee Club is the oldest non-athletic extracurricular organization at the University of Pittsburgh. Founded in 1890 by John L. High, the Glee Club is in its 127th season and is preparing for an international tour to Belgium to perform in Flanders Fields for the 100th Anniversary of World War I.

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PMGC has proudly gone on a concert tour each year consecutively for the last several years. In the Spring season of 2017, the Glee Club travelled to the Northeastern United States, including the cities of Philadelphia, New York, Granby (CT), and Boston. Our venues included Trinity Church Wall Street and St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, two of the most prestigious choral venues in the world. Click here to see our tour blog!
We are excited to announce our international tour for the 2017-18 school year, where we will be traveling to Belgium to perform in Flanders Fields for the 100th Anniversary of World War I. More details are soon to follow, but we are excited to have been personally invited by the Belgian government to this important event.
Two years ago, in honor of the Club's 125th Anniversary, we performed on a tour of Italy, including places such as Napoli, Sorrento, Bologna, Verona, Rome, and Venice. Domestic tours ordinarily take place during the University of Pittsburgh's Spring break, while international tours take place directly after the end of the Spring semester. Other past tours have included:

2017 - Philadelphia, New York City, Granby (CT), and Boston
2016 - Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina
2015 - Italy
2014 - Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City
2013 - Belgium, the Netherlands, and France
2012 - Cleveland and Chicago
2011 - Texas



Rishi Gupta, President
Patrick Haggerty, Vice President
Joe Rogers, Secretary
Pat Healy, Business Manager
Jake Harwas, Social and Outreach Chair

Appointed Officers

Fundraising Chairs: Ethan Paules and Jack Habib
Librarian: Michael Ziemba
Audiovisual Chairs: Akshay Roy and Alex Rowden
Merchandise Chair: Jake Clarin
Historian: Chris Spicer
Tour Manager: Ben Ferrara
Webmasters: Benjamin Engel and Paul Elder
Section Leaders: Ethan Paules, Avery Szostak, Jake Clarin, Alex Rowden

The 2016-17 E-Board


Director Richard Teaster

Executive Board

General Membership

Member FAQ

When and where does the PMGC rehearse?
Wednesday 8:00-10:00 PM
Sunday 6:00-8:00 PM
Rehearsals take place at First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh, 159 N. Bellefield Ave.

What must I prepare for an audition?
You are not required to prepare anything. The audition will consist of the following:
Vocalizing to determine range.
Pitch matching exercises.
Rhythm exercise

Can I take PMGC for credit?
Yes, PMGC can be taken as a one-credit course per semester. Three PMGC credits can count towards your Creative Expression requirement for the School of Arts and Sciences.

Do I have to be a music major to join the PMGC?
No, the majority of our members are not music majors. Their majors range from engineering to linguistics and marketing.

How many concerts does the PMGC perform each semester?
We usually have seven or eight performances during the academic year, 3 of which are in Oakland close to campus.

What is the PMGC repertoire?
90 percent of our repertoire is a cappella, and the remaining 10 percent is accompanied by piano or organ. Our musical styles range from classical western art music, spirituals and folk songs to barbershop and pop music.

Is the PMGC a student run organization?
Yes, the PMGC has an executive board consisting of a President, Vice President, Business Manager, Secretary and Social and Outreach Chair as well as appointed officer positions. The Music Director, Richard Teaster, is a faculty member of Pitt's Music Department.

Are members required to pay dues?
No, there are not regular semester dues, but members are required to purchase a tuxedo as well as pay for the annual Fall music retreat.